My Beliefs

  • Think big. Start small.
  • Believe in the power of KISS
    - Keep It Simple and Stupid.
  • Appreciate and respect what you have.
  • Opposites attract.,
    Stop envying other's possessions.
  • Think out of the box.
    Imitate and innovate.
  • Always remember the helping hands while moving up.
    You may need them coming down.
  • Have an open mind.
    Learn every step of the way.
  • Be truthful to self.
  • Life is full of opportunities everyday!
    Have fun and enjoy!

First Things First

Business in ancient world and the digital world is no different. Although the medium of transaction has changed, for an activity to be called business the necessary participants have not changed.

  • First Law of Business
    Cash flow is life force of any business.
  • Second Law of Business
    Cost of capital is everything.
  • Third Law of Business
    Law of conservation of wealth!

Company Lifecycle

  • Stages
    • Idea
    • Execution of Idea
      (Validation, Scalability check)
    • Funding
    • Team to grow
    • Growth and profitability
    • Stagnation
    • Decay/downward path
    • Closure
  • Viewpoint of entrepreneur
    1% of market is worth Billions....
    Hence I will be successful
  • Viewpoint of investor
    Show me the traction?
  • Viewpoint of customer
    Customer experience - Delight me!
    Value for money?
  • Viewpoint of partner/intermediary
  • Imagine yourself as a pilot and the startup is your plane!
    • On the runway
    • Take off
    • Cruise altitude
    • How to handle - turbulence
    • Landing
  • Before you put your idea into action!
    • Who is the customer
    • How will it serve the need of the customer
    • How will it serve my purpose / goal
    • Who are all the stakeholders
    • What is the stage/maturity of the marketplace
    • Who are my sounding boards
    • Have I thought through
    • What is a reasonable validation - theory and practice
    • What do I define as a small win
    • Can I lead the market and set an example?

Keywords &

  • Purpose
    Why am I starting a business?
    If the answer is to be independent and to make money,
    then you should not be in business.
  • Probability
    What is the probability any start-up is successful?
  • Pareto's law: 80/20 rule
    In today's world it is more like 99.99/.01. What does it take
    to be in the .01 percent and have the 80% value.
  • Playing to strength
    Are you playing to strength or trying to fix the
  • 10,000 hour rule
    Build an undue advantage. Don't be an also ran.
  • Law of averages
    In the end law of averages will catch up with you.
    The way to escape is approach the escape velocity